A Spiritual City rich with a history of freeing slaves, elevating women, experiencing true revival and complete spiritual transformation, forgets who she is, and where she comes from. The City grows to face oppositions that challenge her moral core, leaving glaring symptoms like poverty, murder, and a failed education system contrasted with her wealth, intellect, and business acumen. This is the true story of God’s heart and chosen identity for Rochester, New York and her journey back to her true self.

This Film will highlight the Spiritual History and Revival Fires that burned in our region, once known as the “Burned-Over District,” an area made up of the 6 counties of the Greater Rochester Metropolitan Area of the Genesee River Valley.

Our history will be contrasted with 4 major spiritual turning points in our culture that have conflicted with our true God-given identity, while prescribing the path back to Revival and Transformation.

Brian Pierce working on a car


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LIFETREE MEDIA & MOVEMENT was created by Garrett Wendt as a ministry of his church, LIFETREE FELLOWSHIP. It started with a goal to create inspiring videos that capture people’s STORIES of God’s grace, miracle-working power, and deliverance to excite faith in those who resonate with a relevant God, who is willing and able to heal.

In January 2018, Garrett & Leonard Jones birthed the idea of capturing the Spiritual STORY of Rochester, NY. Our desire is for people to fall in love with our Community. Since then, LifeTree M&M has expanded the team, including people from multiple churches to come together for this common goal of creating, I AM ROCHESTER.

Our Vision is to generate a MOVEMENT of Unity, Prayer, Revival, and Transformation across our region through the use of MEDIA.




Please help us fulfill this vision! All donations are tax deductible through our 501c3, LifeTree Fellowship.

We have already received generous donations that have allowed us to purchase cameras, lighting, a computer, and other production gear. THANK YOU!

We have completed filming all our interviews and “impressionistic reenactments” of our story’s heroes.

We have now entered the editing phase of the film, thanks to a generous donation from Tones Studios!!! 

We have a short term goal of $10,000 to complete the film.

Thank you for joining with us to bring this film to life!!